Top tips to prepare your home for selling
29 September 2016

Kerb Appeal Many buyers will take a drive around an area and to look at a property from the outside before making a decision whether to view, or even before contacting your estate agent. So it is really important that your home is well presented from the outside. An unkempt front garden to them is not a busy lifestyle, but a sign of an unkempt inside and lack of maintenance! Simple things like ensuring the garden is trim, weeds removed and paths swept, wind...

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What's the difference between a high street agent and a budget online agent?
28 September 2016

No doubt you will be aware of the growing number of online estate agents who have burst onto the scene offering to sell properties at a cut down price. Adverts from such companies have dominated day time advert breaks and radio commercials recently. They are questioning the need for traditional high street agents and encouraging people to ask themselves why would I pay more for a high street agent when online agents say they can offer exactly the same service for a cut down fee?...

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